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About Pi-TaP

Who We Are

And Our History & Mission


Our History 

Pi-TaP, Inc. was founded by Karene-Sean Hines because she saw that too many urban students and graduates were not achieving their full potential.


There was a lack of diversity in the Tech industry and she wanted to do something about it. Karene-Sean believed there was a need for an innovative approach to help urban youth and adults in transition break the cycle of poverty that traps so many.


Thus, Pi-TaP (Positively Impacting Adults and Youth in Transition) was created.

Our Mission

The world has changed. Technical knowledge and skills are oftentimes the pathway to overcome poverty and enter the middle class.


Pi-TaP meets our participants where they are, whether a novice or graduate familiar with Computer Science. We provide an online learning environment for young people and adults in transition.


Our participants are primarily from under-served communities who, through our classes, develop in-demand workforce skills, and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology.

A successful graduate of our Tech Industry Program will have passed either the assessment to become a Salesforce Administrator, Service Cloud or Field Service Consultant. Successful graduates of our Entrepreneurial Pathway Program will learn how to launch their own business.

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